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Park Lane is jewelry designed to be mixed and matched to
make accessorizing simple and easy.

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What's the best way for you to accessorize using jewelry?


Do you need a Jewelry Showcase or Personal Accessory Consultation? 

That is determined based on how you answer this question. Do you like to shop alone or with friends? If you prefer to shop alone, I will bring jewelry to you and help you accessorize anything from your closet. 

Jewelry Showcase:
If you like to shop with friends, choose a location and I will bring the jewelry and accessory tips. Everyone tries on their new favorite pieces to find their own jewelry style. 

Jewelry choices can mysteriously make you appear taller, shorter, slender or wider. Smart accessory choices stand out because they speak to one's personal coloring, figure, lifestyle and budget. 


Personal Accessory Consultation:
Save the trip to your favorite department store or boutique and let me come to you and shop in the comfort of your home and let’s update your wardrobe by adding new accessories to your existing outfits. Find outfits just waiting to be transformed into newly updated and very exciting ensembles. Transform and re-create your wardrobe by combining existing jewelry with new pieces . 

I’ll teach you how to mix and match your jewelry to create different outfits from your core wardrobe. We'll make a list of things that you now need to fill in your wardrobe gaps. We can organize your accessories by discarding worn or outdated items or supplementing an existing wardrobe with new pieces. We can take timeless pieces and mix and match them with trendy new pieces to update your style. 

This approach assists you on how to dress for all sorts of settings, ranging from casual attire for the weekend, to choosing proper work attire, to developing a sense of how to dress at formal affairs. 

We can create a personal image that reflects the tastes, preferences, and your personality. 


Bridal and Wedding Party Jewelry: 

Learn the 'Dos and Do not" of accessorizing for your big day. 

I will show you how to enhance each bridal outfit with gorgeous accessories. From pearls to bling, you will learn which pieces work best for your look. We can incorporate antique heirlooms, as well as new pieces, into your modern wedding day look. 

  Bride and Brides Maid

  Brides Maid    Bride

 Job Interview Preparation:

Picking the right accessories to make the best first impression. We can select appropriate accessories for your professional wardrobe starting with items for the interview.